If you are looking for the perfect door to enhance the value of your home and increase garage security, then you’ve come to the right place. We are licensed and insured to install and manufacture garage doors in the Brisbane area and have many satisfied clients in our wake. We have 15 years of experience and an ethos of putting the customer first and being clear in our communication. We can repair all makes and models as well as supply the needed components, such as remotes and openers.

We offer fast and FREE quotes and measurements and also operate a 24/7 garage door service.

So if you need servicing & repairs in Brisbane, call the best in the industry – MTD! We are contactable on 0497 526 173 for fast and reliable service. 

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What are the options for garage doors in Brisbane?

There are many different options to choose from when it comes to garage doors. Most are classified by how they operate or are constructed, making it easy to tell them apart both on sight and by name. Each also has their pros and cons: space saving, safety, ease of use, and maintenance (to name a few). At MTD, we offer the strongest and most reliable doors with a wide range of options to suit all preferences.


Sectional garage doors are made up of separate panels, or sections, that are hinged together and slide along a set of tracks. When closed, these doors provide extra security and insulation for your garage. When opened, they retract up along a dual track system overhead with ample space for you to pull in your vehicle. They can be powered manually in an emergency, but most homeowners prefer to motorise them for convenience.


As the name implies, roller doors roll open and shut along a track but retract around a center drum. When open, this saves a lot of space in the garage since the door material is wound around a single space. The doors themselves are usually made of narrow steel pieces which allow them to interlock when closed and wrap around the storage mechanism when opened. They are also easy to operate and provide a great deal of security.


The tilt garage door is a single panel that pivots, or tilts, to open. While they offer a lot more options for design including timber and other overlays, they can be more unwieldy to operate. Many homeowners choose these for aesthetic reasons or to accommodate limited storage space in the garage when it comes to overhead room. However, they are less safe to operate than sectional or roller doors since they use springs to open and close, leaving room for injury in the event of a failure.

What are the different garage door materials?

Like entry doors, They can be made of steel, aluminium, wood, wood composites, fibreglass, vinyl, or glass, believe it or not! Of course, some types are better than others, and we don’t honestly recommend glass, even if it is reinforced. Steel is the most common choice because it is affordable and the most durable by a long shot. The only exception would be nylon, which is very expensive.

Steel can even be painted to give it a ‘woody’ feel, as many people long for a woody look to complement their homes. MTD uses Colorbond steel, which is among the best forms available. We have tested different materials and now only use the best, which will make your door longer-lasting.

What if my doors become damaged or stop working?

While garage doors are designed to be durable during operation and in the face of the elements, there are times when repairs are needed. This can include any number of issues, all of which can be addressed for you by an MTD technician:
  • Overhead support repair
  • Replace or repair weather stripping
  • Replacement springs, lift arms, hinges, and moving components
  • Refinishing or replacing hardware
  • Panel cracking or denting
  • Auto-reverse sensor failure
  • Installing additional security features
  • Rekeying locking mechanismsTrack lubrication and noise reduction
  • Motor burn out
  • Opener battery replacement
  • Battery backup replacement

Available safety options for garage doors

Garage doors add security to any home in part because they are strong, durable material that protect the contents of the garage itself. But this is just the start of the security features available.

Locking mechanisms can make it difficult to near impossible for intruders to enter your home via the garage. Smart home technology also lets you monitor the operation of your doors and get alerts if they are in operation when you would least expect.

You’ll also want to operate the garage door itself safely. That’s why you can choose from a variety of sensors and auto-reverse add ons. These detect if someone or something is in the way of the door when it is in operation and attempting to close. This can prevent serious injury if a person, pet, or property are in the way. All garage doors also include mechanical releases, which allow you to operate it yourself to open or close during a power outage or if something does become trapped under the door.

How can I perform garage door repairs in Brisbane?

You can’t repair this type of door by yourself. They are simply too heavy and it requires a lot of technical expertise. You can perform regular maintenance by applying lubricant on the hinges. Another way of providing maintenance is simply using the garage doorless and by calling in a professional to check up on it every 6 or 12 months. Aside from the basics, These need professionals to fix if there are serious issues.

How much does garage door repair cost in Brisbane?

This is going to depend on how much damage or repair work needs to be addressed. The cost will usually be broken out into two parts on an estimate: time for labour and costs for parts. On average, you can expect a repair to cost between $50 to $300 in Brisbane, with the average cost falling around $190 per service visit.

Are MTD doors resistant to adverse weather conditions?

Our doors are designed to withstand the harsh Australian climate, especially when outfitted with our special wind-lock system to prevent doors from pulling out during high wind conditions. You can also select a variety of different lock designs for added security and convenience.

Does MTD provide commercial services as well as residential?

We cater to both commercial and residential customers. The scale might be different, but the ethos is the same – high-quality products that are affordable, fit for the intended purpose, and designed to last. MTD provides installation and repair services for homes and businesses across the region.
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Contracting us means that you are getting a team that’s fully insured and is an accredited Garage Dood Supplier.


We make sure we install your doors on time without any huss and fuss. We make it as hassle-free as soon as possible. You deal with the owner of the business from the first phone call to the installation or repair and receive premium after-sales back up support.


When you partner with us for a job, you can be assured that we only use high-quality brands. We make sure that all your doors are built-to-last.


Unlike major companies, Mastertech Doors has low overheads which means they can pass the savings onto you, with affordable options to suit any budget. We have very competitive prices and high-quality service that make Mastertech Doors the best options in the market!


Word of mouth and great reviews mean the world to us, that’s why we go that extra mile to further ensure our clients are 100% satisfied and experience a friendly, trustworthy, reliable service. Not only is this good business, but it is also what we pride ourselves on.


The company’s owner and operator Rob Wilson has over 15+ years of experience in the roller door industry. Rob has a Trade Certificate in Mechanical Engineering. He is also a certified Centurion Garage Door Service Technician and Dealer. Rob has extensive knowledge of all products and can provide you with the right application to suit your needs and budget.

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