How Much Do Roller Garage Doors Cost? [Queensland Price Guide]

On average, roller garage door costs range between $600 to $1,350 for a single door and $1,350 to $1,850 for a double door. There are a range of factors that influence the final cost, and if you’re looking to find Queensland’s best garage door prices, we’ll show you how.

Garage doors serve a vital function to keep your cars, storage space, and other belongings safe from the elements and intruders, and despite their utility, they can also be designed to give your space a makeover.

For these reasons, the right garage door is a proven way to upgrade the safety and appearance of your home – but what do they cost?
Roller garage doors, also called roll-up or coiling doors, are just one type to consider, but they can be among the most affordable depending on the material you choose. On average, roller garage door costs range between $600 to $1,350 for a single door and $1,350 to $1,850 for a double door.

Why the broad price range?

A number of factors come into play whether you live in Brisbane, Logan, Redland or the Gold Coast, including:




We’ll take a closer look at these pricing factors, plus outline a few of the top factors to watch out for to avoid overpaying when choosing the right doors for your garage.

What makes a roller garage door different from other doors?

This is an important question as nearly all garage doors will roll open in some way to give you access to your garage. However, the engineering design for roller garage doors gives them a few benefits and makes them worthwhile over other door types such as sectional or tilt.

Here are the features of a roller door that stand out.


Roller doors don’t move along a set track like other door types. Instead, they retract and roll into a coil. They can do this since they are made up of lots of horizontal slats that give the door flexibility when it comes to storage. These doors are popular in tighter spaces or with garages with limited overhead room due to their design.


Roller garage doors are typically made out of aluminum, which is light-weight and easier to lift with the roll-up design. This can help the door last longer overall by limiting strain on the motor that handles the open and close mechanism. Aluminum is also easier to maintain than other materials; you can simply hose the door down with water or wait for a rainstorm to wash away any dust.


From the inside, roller garage doors can be locked into place with a slider bar that prevents them from being forced open. Many can also be fitted with locking straps as the slats themselves lock into one another, making them near impossible to pry apart to gain entry.

What goes into determining roller garage door cost?

Unfortunately, there’s no standardised way to price garage doors.

Different brands, suppliers, and installers will charge differently depending on any number of factors. While you should always get an itemised quote for any project, here are a few of the characteristics that come into play when it comes to roller garage door cost.


One size does NOT fit all.

Roller garage doors are almost always custom measured and custom made for the opening they are protecting. Allowances accommodate overlap, seals, and ceiling height.

In general, the larger the door (or the more material that will be needed to create it), the more money you’re likely to spend. Single doors are usually 2.4m x 2.1m in size while a double garage door will be 4.8m x 2.1m.

It’s best not to rely on standard sizes since many openings are customised for a particular home.


As we mentioned, aluminum makes a great choice for roller garage doors as it’s durable enough to protect your garage but lightweight enough not to strain the lift motor. Aluminium doors can also be double skinned, providing a bit more insulation and protection from extremes in temperature (whether it’s a scorching QLD day or a cold snap).

That said, you can also find garage roller doors in steel, which proves to be long-lasting and great at deterring intruders. The lift mechanism will be scaled up to accommodate any extra weight. Just keep in mind that these only come single skinned, so they will be less effective at keeping out the cold and heat.


What could you possibly embellish a garage door with?

Plenty, it turns out.

For one, roller garage doors can come with a hood or roller box to encase the coiled door when it is retracted. This can help keep it clean, and makes the garage look nice, too.

You can also customise the colour of your doors with different paint colours and finishes. You can even find some made to look like wood (these are usually applied by the manufacturer).

Garage doors can also go seriously high tech. You can add sensors and locking mechanisms that are controlled with specialised remotes. Some doors even tie into smartphone apps to let you control them from anywhere (in case you forgot to close the door on your way to the nearest Gold Coast beach).

What will roller garage doors cost for your home in Brisbane?

With so many factors coming into play, how can you estimate the cost for your roller garage doors?

We put together this table so you can get an idea of average costs and add up the extras we already mentioned that might interest you.

Roller Door Feature Average Cost
Single Door $600-1350
Double Door $1,350-1,850
Door Opener Row 3, Content 2


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