How Much Does Garage Door Replacement Cost? [Queensland Price Breakdown]

On average, you can expect to spend $600 to $1,350 to replace a single garage door and $1,350 to $1,850 for a double garage door – but there are a range of factors that will determine your final price, from installation to any extras you opt for. If you’re looking to keep your car and home safe from Brisbane to the Gold Coast, read on for 2021’s most up-to-date price guide.

Outside of your home, your car is one of your most important assets.

And while every Queenslander heads out for the day with their doors and windows safely locked, it’s easy to forget that your garage door needs to be strong, secure and durable too.

With 70% of break-ins resulting in the theft of belongings, there’s no need to put your car (or the contents of your home) at risk. And the simple way to protect your QLD property is to update or upgrade your garage door periodically.

Garage door replacement is a necessity for every homeowner at some stage, just like a fresh coat of paint or replacing cracked bathroom tiles. More than peace of mind, a solid and secure door in your garage can also increase your home value.

But if you’re considering garage door replacement or think it might be time for your doors to get a refresh, you’ve probably been wondering about the cost. To help you with your budgeting, we’ve put together this simple guide so you can better understand the warning signs of an at-risk garage door, and what you can expect your garage door replacement cost to be.

3 signs it’s time to replace your garage doors

It’s easy to spot peeling paint, broken fixtures, or damaged furniture.

But is your garage telling you it’s time to make a change, too?

Garage doors are designed to be durable and long-lasting, but regular use and general wear and tear can lead to damage and performance issues. More than cosmetic appearance, damage can weaken your doors and allow intruders in, so it pays to know what to look out for.
Here are some of the top warning signs that you should replace your garage doors.

#1 – Excess noise

Are your garage doors clanking or squealing whenever you open or close them?

They could need a little WD40 to keep things moving, so try greasing the moving rollers and mechanisms to see if that does the trick. If not, it’s best to call a professional to take a look. They might be able to identify a root cause and offer affordable garage door repair that costs less than an entire replacement.

#2 – Unwanted movement

Do your garage doors move smoothly or do they buck and catch as they go up and down?

This can be a sign that something is out of track or there’s a bigger problem with the motor or mechanisms. You should have a professional evaluate this since trying to fix yourself could cause the doors to come crashing down and damage you or your things.

#3 – Broken seal

Are wind, water, or pests finding their way in?

It could be that you need the seal around the door replaced, which is much cheaper than doing the entire garage door. Of course, if the doors are cracked, bent, or otherwise breached, it could be a much harder fix.

Can I replace part of a garage door, or do I need an entirely new one?

Great question.

This can depend on the door material, manufacturer, and any applicable warranties. If you have a tilt door, you’re probably looking at a full replacement, since these are one solid piece that can be hard to patch or repair.

Sectional garage doors allow for a bit more flexibility. If only one segment, or section, of the door has been damaged, an installer may be able to remove the problematic panel and replace it. The catch here could be difficulty matching the same style and color.

Between installation and repair fees, which start being charged at roughly $50 per hour, on top of the cost of repair materials, it might be worth your while to replace the entire door. Consider the age of your garage door and other components when making your decision. If you sink hundreds into repair costs only to have the doors fail completely in a few years, your money would have been better spent on a replacement model.

What goes into calculating garage door replacement cost?

Quite a few things, actually.

As with most home improvement projects, the bigger the item and the higher quality the materials, the more you are looking at spending overall. Here are some of the most common factors that affect garage door pricing.


While garage doors are a bit standardized in Australia, there are quite a few variances and it’s not uncommon to see custom sizing come into play. Single doors are usually 2.4 x 2.1 metres, and double garage doors are 4.8 x 2.1 metres.


This is perhaps the easiest common denominator to use when it comes to pricing. There are three types most used in Australia.

  • Tilt: A single panel door that swings open in a single piece
  • Sectional: Assembled in panels that fit together snuggly when closed
  • Roller: Horizontal slats that compactly coil together when opened


Tilt, sectional, and roller doors are all available in either aluminum or steel.

Aluminum tends to be lighter weight and allow for double skinning, which works better to insulate against the elements. Tilt and sectional doors can also be made of wood or timber, but this can add to the cost and wood is substantially less durable.


From remotes to locking mechanisms, you can accessorize your garage doors to make access (or preventing access) a breeze. You can also upgrade your doors with a variety of finishes and colors. Many aluminum and steel doors come with a faux wood look, and wood doors can be stained and treated to match your home.


This is the biggest variable when it comes to garage door replacement cost and is affected by the other four factors we just mentioned.

Pricing tends to average $50 per hour, but here are some examples of how the time spent is impacted:

  • Size: Larger doors are harder to install, more unwieldy to manage, and can require extra manpower
  • Type: Tilt doors are more difficult to move into place since they’re a single piece.
  • Material: If your doors don’t come pre-treated, it can take extra time to stain or finish them.
  • Add-ons: Programming remotes, installing locks, and setting up mobile apps can stack on hours.

What does garage door replacement cost in Queensland?

While you might think you’re ahead of the game since you already have garage doors, you may not find yourself saving much compared to a fresh install.

Any savings you would find will be on the garage doors repairs side, and only if the repairs don’t start adding up fast.

Many manufactures and warranties will require you to use new tracks, rollers, mechanisms, and motors that are designed for the weight and movement of the new door. So while you could be tempted to try to reuse what you have, you could end up voiding a warranty or spending more over time.

Since type can be the leading indicator of price, we’ve put together this table to give you the average price you can expect to spend.

Type Single Door Double Door
Tilt $1,700 to $2,250 $2,200 to $2,750
Sectional $850 to $1,900 $1,400 to $4,600
Roller $600 to $1,350 $1,350 to $1,850

While installation costs vary, you can expect a professional installer to take between 2-4 hours to set up your new garage doors. This puts the total installation cost, which is not accounted for in the table above, anywhere between $100-200.

Between the doors, installation, and any add-ons you request, the price can start to balloon fast. The most important thing here is to ask for an itemised estimate from a professional installer. This way, there are no surprises when you get your bill for the final project.

Am I going to need to pay for regular service?

Almost certainly not.

Garage doors tend to be long lasting and low maintenance, especially if you have them installed by a professional. You can check to make sure that the tracks or other moving parts are properly lubricated from time to time. You might also need to swap the batteries in your remote.

Otherwise, you should expect your doors to last 20-30 years. The motor and other moving parts might not last as long, but you should get an average lifespan of 15 years from those as well.

It’s also important to be aware of what warranties you are given with your installation. Manufacturers and workmanship warranties can help cover the costs of anything that does go awry unexpectedly.

What to ask a professional garage door installer

Finding the best garage door replacement cost and getting your estimate in writing from a professional installer is first and foremost.
But there are few other things you should ask before choosing a provider. These include:

  • “Are you licensed and insured to install my garage doors?”
  • “Do you work directly with particular suppliers or manufacturers?”
  • “Do you include any additional warranties on the installation?”
  • “Will you remove my existing garage doors and materials?”
  • “What material do you recommend based on my location and climate?”
  • “Are the garage doors I want in stock and how long will it take to get started?”
  • “Do you offer service in case I have a problem in the future?”
  • “Can I speak to any past clients or review references?”
  • “Can I reuse any of my existing parts or motors or do I have to replace everything?”

Looking for cheap garage door replacement in Queensland?

Savvy QLD homeowners know that garage doors are an investment that are well worthwhile. After all, cost-effective garage doors are a drop in the ocean compared to waking up with your family car missing, or your living room stripped of valuables.

That’s why replacing old and faulty doors doesn’t just help keep you and your family out of harm’s way, it protects your home from the elements and burglars at the same time.

To protect your finances, be sure to get any pricing in writing before you sign up with a professional installer. On average, you can expect to spend $600 to $1,350 for a single door and $1,350 to $1,850 for a double door. Don’t forget that installation and extras will be added onto this price. And as tempting as it can be to do the project yourself to save your cash, it’s better to leave the installation to the professionals.

Not ready to commit to a new garage door just yet? No problem.

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