The classic roller door is the practical choice of the garage door world. Even when presented with very different scenarios, it will get the job done.

Our team at Centurion have developed a fantastic range of roller doors suitable for a wide range of purposes and markets, both residential and commercial. For many years, our roller doors have been used in securing homes, investment properties, business complexes, prefabricated sheds, self-storage facilities, and more…

Now that is a versatile door!

Roller doors don’t require the installation of tracks along your garage ceiling, meaning that your ceiling space is left free for you to set up a car hoist or similar equipment.


Depending on your needs, we can offer you a variety of locking options and track systems for your roller door, suitable for a variety of both residential and commercial needs. Just ask a Mastertech Doors representative and we’ll find the right system to protect your property!


Designed and tested to offer the very best in storm protection up to C2 conditions in accordance with 4505-2012 Standards.


Also featuring a unique high security retention system to help create an incredibly secure door ideal for warehouses, factories, OUR and the family home.


All of our garage door products, including our roller doors and motors, have been specifically designed for smooth and quiet operation.


The best garage door for safety and security at amazingly competitive prices.

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