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There are many reasons for a garage door to break down. They are heavy duty machines, and the garage door openers have to haul up a lot of weight on a daily basis. It is inevitable that they are going to be problems at some stage.

However, it’s also good to be mindful of the fact that a garage door can last in prime condition for longer than 20 years, once it is installed properly and maintained regularly. If there is any amount of friction on the garage door, then the hinges will start to wear down and you will experience issues.

At MTD, we have completed an extensive amount of garage door repairs on the Gold Coast, and we will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. We’re not looking to simply push our products on you – we can provide the solutions to any issues you are having with your existing garage door and its components.

Our solutions are designed to work for the long-term so you have no further issues with your garage door.

We provide 24/7, fast, affordable, reliable repairs services to all makes & models of garage doors & openers.

Call us on 0497 526 173 today for premium garage door repairs on the Gold Coast.

What are the most common problems associated with garage door repairs on the Gold Coast?

The five most common reasons that a garage door might be in need of a repair on the Gold Coast are broken springs, broken cables, worn rollers, work hardware, and a misaligned track. These are the standard functional problems. There are also many unconventional issues that can be due to an adverse weather condition or a crash into the garage door itself, but they are quite rare. Garage doors are designed to be sturdy and durable. It is usually improper maintenance that causes them to give in, or a poor installation.

How can I prevent any damage to my garage door?

As mentioned previously, the two keys here are correct installation and regular maintenance. If the door is not measured properly, then there is going to be friction on the line, and your garage door is not going to function as long as it should. The less friction, the better. Maintenance would ideally be done every 3 months or so, but you can get away with longer. The joints need to be lubricated and the exterior might need to be painted or finished, but the functioning of the hardware is primary.

Can I perform the repairs myself?

You can perform maintenance, which might only be putting some WD40 on the garage door opener and other areas. But you can’t really perform a substantial repair yourself. Garage doors are heavy and cumbersome, and you need a license and accreditation to install one yourself. There are a lot of technical details that come with garage door repairs and installation. And if you get it wrong, you will just be costing yourself more money in the meantime.

What kind of garage door is easiest to maintain?

The roller garage doors are probably the easiest to maintain, as they operate on a simple premise. They also happen to be among the cheapest. They are easier to maintain than the sectional garage doors, which have more moving parts that need to be maintained. Swing out garage doors tend to require more maintenance. They also tend to need repairs more often, as they can hit off external objects.

My garage door is broken - do I have to install a new one?

This is very unlikely. It is almost certain that only a specific component of your garage door is broken – the springs, opener, remote, panel, etc. All of these can be readily replaced. No point checking out an entire garage door simply because one part of it broke down! You will be hoping to get at least 10 – 15 years out of your existing garage door before you even think about replacing it. If you are looking for expert garage doors repairs in the Gold Coast, call us right now on 0497 526 173. We support all major makes and models and operate quickly with a 24/7 service.
We look forward to doing business with you and are dedicated to delivering great customer service and satisfaction.
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Contracting us means that you are getting a team that’s fully insured and is an accredited Garage Dood Supplier.


We make sure we install your doors on time without any huss and fuss. We make it as hassle-free as soon as possible. You deal with the owner of the business from the first phone call to the installation or repair and receive premium after-sales back up support.


When you partner with us for a job, you can be assured that we only use high-quality brands. We make sure that all your doors are built-to-last.


Unlike major companies, Mastertech Doors has low overheads which means they can pass the savings onto you, with affordable options to suit any budget. We have very competitive prices and high-quality service that make Mastertech Doors the best options in the market!


Word of mouth and great reviews mean the world to us, that’s why we go that extra mile to further ensure our clients are 100% satisfied and experience a friendly, trustworthy, reliable service. Not only is this good business, but it is also what we pride ourselves on.


The company’s owner and operator Rob Wilson has over 15+ years of experience in the roller door industry. Rob has a Trade Certificate in Mechanical Engineering. He is also a certified Centurion Garage Door Service Technician and Dealer. Rob has extensive knowledge of all makes and models of garage doors and openers and can provide you with the right garage door application to suit your needs and budget.

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Mastertech Doors is a small family owned and operated business based in Varsity Lakes on the gold coast.

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